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Collin D. Kennedy Philosophy


When I graduated from law school many years ago, I began my legal career as an assistant district attorney in Houston. Although there were no other lawyers in my family, and I had no real pre-conceived notions about practicing law, trying numerous high-stakes cases to juries made me feel like a “real lawyer.” The most unforgettable moments were those when I knew I had connected with jurors and convinced them that justice must be served.

All these years later, I’m not prosecuting criminals any more. But the common thread tying together my practice then with my practice now is the passionate and personal representation of my clients.. Years ago, it was victims of crime. Today, my clients are individuals and corporations with complex legal issues that require a relentless pursuit of justice. All those hundreds of cases over the years have taught me two never-to-be-broken rules. First, to get the best result for the client, I’ve got to prepare that case like it is the most important case I will ever have.

After all, in most instances, it is the most important case the client will ever have. And second, to get the best result for the client, I’ve got to treat that case like I’m representing the best of my friends or the closest of my family members. In other words, I’ve got to take it personally. Please call me and let me achieve justice for you.

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