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How Do I Fire My Attorney?

It is said that anybody can sue anyone for any reason. While unfortunate, it is also true that our clients can file grievances against us with the State Bar of Texas for any reason or no reason at all. A “divorce” between a lawyer and his client can result from a variety of reasons: a client’s unrealistic expectations, an unpleasant result in the courtroom, or simply an irreconcilable conflict in personalities.

Mr. Kennedy has successfully represented high profile attorneys in very contentious grievance processes with the State Bar of Texas. Often times when things go south between a lawyer and his client, charged emotions can exacerbate the dispute. Mr. Kennedy excels in removing the emotion from the process and simply taking on the grievance very technically with a design to unequivocally demonstrate to the State Bar of Texas that the grievance is without merit.

If you practice law long enough, you will likely find yourself defending a grievance at some point. Don’t let the anxiety of the grievance process distract you from your own practice. “When you have yourself as a client, you have a fool for a client.” Mr. Kennedy is ready to take on your grievance for you.

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