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Hanshaw Kennedy, LLP is a Collin County family law firm based in Frisco with extensive experience in a wide range of divorce and custody issues.  We aggressively pursue the best possible result in each case.   The exceptional representation of our clients is the cornerstone of our stellar reputation as one of the best family law firms in Dallas and Collin County.  When you seek our services, you can rely on our understanding and  compassion when it comes to protecting your rights, but be assured when it comes to your interests our approach to guide you and your family through your particular divorce or custody situation so that you can move on with the rest of your life.

Hanshaw Kennedy takes pride in representing clients from all walks of life – from high asset high profile clients that require a delicate touch to collaborative divorce matters that are ending amicably; we treat each case as the most important in the office. Our goals will be exactly the same as yours in your divorce or family law issues – we want you to succeed in all of your legal issues related to your divorce and family law matters.   Hanshaw Kennedy's  Family Law practice is built on integrity, honesty and service.  We have become one of the best known divorce and family law firms in Frisco by focusing on what makes our law firm different from others in the area.  We provide personalized, attentive legal representation; when you choose to work with our firm, you work directly with talented divorce attorneys.  We are prepared to handle your most delicate family law matters.  We understand that most important personal issue you are currently facing is probably your particular family law concern.  You will never feel like your case is not a priority. Hanshaw Kennedy, LLP are the best divorce attorneys Frisco has to offer.

Help With Your Divorce and Family Law Issues

Our family law team of attorneys at Hanshaw Kennedy, LLP offers clients the personal attention and dedication needed during this difficult time. We understand that divorce is one of the most stressful situations a family can go through, and our devoted legal team will work to make your divorce process as easy as possible for you and your family. Our commitment to making the process a simple transition starts by returning telephone calls within 24 hours. being responsive and available to your needs throughout the duration of your case; and using our knowledge and expertise to keep the process moving forward to a successful conclusion.

Hanshaw Kennedy, LLP is committed to providing you with our personal attention during this difficult process. We understand that each situation is different in how it should be handled. Your situation will either required a contested divorce or collaborative divorce, we are ready to assist you in working out all of the issues that need to be resolved in most divorces, including child custody, child custody modification, visitation, issues involving child support and child support modification. Your legal matters involving spousal support will be enormously important, especially if you are forced to relocate from your current home or find new employment. Our law firm will do everything in our power to ensure that your rights are always protected. We can provide you with information about paternity and your options to pursue support in the event you separate from an individual you live with but were not married to.

Your legal issues may pertain to property division, debt division, relocation or the disruption of visitation schedules, our team of family law attorneys have experience representing clients in each of these matters.  You may have more serious matters involving domestic violence, child abuse or spousal abuse that require restraining orders to provide a safe haven during this period, our team of family law attorneys can handle these matters for you.  If you are in a situation to annul your marriage, we can determine if an annulment can be accomplished in your case. We also offer services for those in need of a collaborative divorce, legal separations, mediation, post decree modifications and prenuptial agreements.  Texas law regarding family law matters is ever evolving and it is important that a knowledgeable and experienced attorney represents you during this transitional and possibly difficult time.


We understand there is no relationship more valuable than that between child and a parent. In many cases, your relationship with your children is threatened during family court proceedings. You need powerful advocacy if your rights as a parent have been violated in any way. We have experience handling cases involving parent relocation (move-away proceedings), you should not have to suffer the loss of your children to a long-distance move.  If the are indications your child is experiencing parental alienation due to the negative influences of your former spouse or another family member, do not wait to involve the court and take action.  These damaging events toward your children must be stopped immediately. As a Grandparent you also can fight for your ability to see and care for your grandchildren; we are strong advocates of grandparents’ rights. If you are involved in a similar situation, you cannot hesitate to retain aggressive representation immediately; you need the assistance of a knowledgeable and skilled Frisco divorce attorney who can ensure your voice is heard before the family court.

Efficient and Effective Representation 

Divorce and custody battles are not can be financially demanding as well as emotionally draining.  Our goal is to achieve your objectives efficiently, effectively and with the least amount of turmoil while keeping costs under control.  As one of the most preeminent family law firms in Collin County we have established an experienced legal practice built on the integrity of each of our attorneys.  Our clients are seeking results in matters related to divorce, child custody, spousal support and visitation rights; our passion to act as an advocate for your rights in these matters.

Divorce Lawyer

No one family law matter can be definitively described as more difficult than any other. The fact is that if you have found yourself in a situation in which you now need legal representation or consultation from a divorce and family law professional, you are no doubt looking for a dedicated and knowledgeable representative to be on your side.  You shouldn’t expect anything less; however more often than not you will find nothing but minimal services from the law firm you choose to represent you, it is a sad reality. At Hanshaw Kennedy this could not be further from the truth. Our family law practice is not built on television commercials and billboards – it is built on reputation. By focusing on each client, their needs and desired results we have built one of the strongest family law practices in Frisco.  Our clients not only will you be provided with skillful attention from your family law attorney, you are also guaranteed, 24-hour turnaround on return calls, on-going updates regarding the status of your case and personal attention.  No matter how you arrived at this point in your life, there is now legal defense on your side when you choose to work with Hanshaw Kennedy, LLP Attorneys at Law.

To arrange for a consultation, please complete our short consultation form and a member of our offices will contact your personally or call (972) 731-6500.   Hanshaw Kennedy, LLP law offices are located at 1415 Legacy Drive, Suite 350 Frisco, Texas 75034.



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