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Paternity Parentage

There are several reasons you may want to prove paternity or parentage of a child:

  • as part of the adoption process,
  • as part of a child custody arrangement,
  • to prove who is the biological father and therefore who has a duty to provide a child’s financial support,
  • to prove lineage for inheritance/family estate purposes.

In Texas, “parents” are considered to be:

  • the biological mother,
  • a man presumed to be the father,
  • a man legally determined to be the father,
  • a man who has been adjudicated to be the father by a court of competent jurisdiction,
  • a man who has acknowledged his paternity under applicable law, or
  • an adoptive mother or father.

Once paternity has been determined by one of the descriptions above, it is difficult to alter. This means that a man who is presumed to be the father, who holds himself out as the child’s father and who may have rights after adoption of a child, may be viewed as the child’s father – despite a subsequent discovery of the child’s actual biological father.

If you are researching paternity rights and requirements because of a custody or child support arrangement, please contact our office for guidance and counseling, and also see our Child Custody and Child Support pages. Consult with our attorneys if you need help researching and confirming a child’s parentage. If you believe you are not the parent of a child, the court can order paternity tests in most cases. Contact our office to review your options.

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