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CPS Cases

Child Protective Services (CPS) cases are complicated, highly sensitive, and usually intrude upon a family’s life. Hanshaw Kennedy Family Law attorneys have years of direct experience compassionately guiding clients through CPS investigations. We will help prepare you for the required paperwork, procedures, and formalities. Most importantly, we will aggressively advocate for you and your children throughout the case. Our attorneys have worked extensively with CPS cases in Collin, Denton, and Dallas counties.

When a child has been removed from your care:

If CPS has removed a child from your care, we will provide options to challenge the removal order. Contact us as soon as possible after the children are removed from you, so that we can prepare the necessary evidence and prepare you for your first court appearance. You should not talk to CPS without an experienced attorney.

When you are under CPS investigation:

A CPS investigation or CPS case will significantly disrupt your home, your life, and your peace of mind. If you are under investigation, it is critical that you receive legal advice early – at the inception of the case. Often, having an attorney present during the initial interviews with CPS can prevent the children from being legally removed from your home. Please contact our office for seasoned guidance with your situation. 

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