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Mergers, Acquisitions and Sales

Dedicated Frisco Business Lawyers guiding and supporting you throughout the life of your business, from initial acquisition to the eventual sale and the ever-changing business environment in between.

The experienced corporate attorneys at Hanshaw Kennedy, LLP based in Frisco, TX, welcome the opportunity to serve as your legal advisers in the often complicated process of acquiring, selling, merging or restructuring of your business.

Our business attorneys will sit down with you and find out your goals in the transaction and diligently and aggressively advocate for you to achieve these goals. We will also ensure that you will be well protected after the dust settles and the transaction has closed.

Hanshaw Kennedy's business attorneys regularly handle transactions ranging in value from several thousands to millions of dollars. We are experienced in stock or asset purchase transactions, in mergers, in buy-sell workouts and in the many different manifestations of your business’ legal transactional needs.

We provide comprehensive legal analysis and guidance on all types of corporate transactions in Texas and beyond and have represented our clients in large national and international business transactions, including:

  • Managing and closing complex corporate transactions
  • Negotiating and implementing of a variety of debt and equity structures;
  • Crafting and effectuating asset and equity purchase and sale agreements, with a focus on protecting our clients through solid indemnification provisions and representations and warranties
  • Negotiating and drafting ancillary corporate transactional documents, including:
    • Bills of sale and assignments
    • Promissory Notes
    • Guaranties
    • Employment agreements
    • Consulting agreements
    • Non-compete agreements
    • Non-disclosure agreements
    • Earn-out agreements
    • Hold-back and Escrow agreements
    • Transition agreements
    • Buy-Sell Agreements
    • Independent Contractor agreements
    • Sub-contractor agreements

To arrange for a consultation, please complete our short consultation form and a member of our offices will contact your personally or call (972) 731-6500.   Hanshaw Kennedy, LLP law offices are located at 1415 Legacy Drive, Suite 350 Frisco, Texas 75034.
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