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Issues to Consider in a Personal Injury Matter

Three Reasons to Hire a Texas Personal Injury Attorney

Let's start by stating we do not think it is 100% necessary to hire an attorney in Texas personal injury related matters; but in most instances it is recommended and here are a few reasons why.

1.  In most personal injury instances you are not dealing with two individuals attempting to settle a matter.  Typically, it is an individual dealing with an insurance company.  You need to remember that an insurance company is a corporation whose sole purpose is to mitigate financial risk for their clients and themselves.  

Insurance companies look at each personal injury instance strictly as a business decision.  In most case you are going to be dealing directly with an adjuster of the insurance company.  It is important to understand that the adjuster is going to be advised by experienced attorneys.  Insurance companies work in a formulaic manor.  They analytically approach each personal injury instance with a vast understanding of the probability of settling each case in the favor of the insurance company as quickly as possible.  Consulting with an Texas personal attorney to address the business matter of your personal injury case is a simple and safe way to insure you are represented by an expereinced professional in these matters.

2.  The emotional aspect of a personal injury matter can turn your life upside down quickly.  No once ever plans on dealing with a possible life altering or threatening situation.  Therefore, we are not prepared to handle these types of situations in natural fashion.  The standard objective for a person or family involved in a personal injury or catastrophic lose instance is to get their lives back on track and adjust to the new normal.  Every person has a different methodology they go through to adjust to the unexpected changes in their lives.  We recommend our clients engaging an attorney to aid with their possible legal and possible business affairs.  This allows you to focus on the emotional and personal aspect of your situation and an attorney to address the possible legal matters.

3.  In a personal injury or catastrophic lose instance in most cases there is an individual or family on one side and an insurance company on the other side of the issue.  Naturally, insurance companies function as a business.  Businesses designed to make a profit and mitigate risk for themselves and clients.  By nature this creates an adversarial relationship between the two parties involved and the assistance of an expereinced Texas personal injury attorney can help you protect your rights and interestes in these matters.

If you or a family member is involved in a personally injury or catastrophic lose matter we recommend consulting an experienced personal injury attorney on these matters.  

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