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2019 Income Documents for Pua Claim

Your documents must cover from the first week you received PUA benefits until 1 January of the previous year. For example, the AUP program was in effect from February 2, 2020 to June 26, 2021. PuA applicants must meet this federal requirement even if they returned to work, were no longer eligible for AUP benefits, did not receive AUP benefits when the AUP program ended, or no longer receive AUP benefits because the program ended. These documents must include: • The name of the company. • The date on which the work is to begin. • The date on which the work must end if it has an end date. • An explanation of the type of work you would have done. • How much you would have been paid. • Name, title and contact information of the person who offered you the position or who can review the offer. • A copy of one or more of the deceased`s paychecks.• A copy of one or more of the deceased`s income and vacation statements.• The deceased`s W-2 forms.• The deceased`s tax returns.• Other documents proving that the deceased was employed. Examples include personal checks by the deceased`s employer or IRS Form 1099. A link to download this documentation will be displayed as an action item in your BEACON portal if you have not already done so.

If you submitted your first claim for benefits before January 31, 2021, you must submit these documents within 90 days of receiving the action. If you submitted your initial claim for benefits after January 31, 2021, you must submit these documents within 21 calendar days of receiving the action. This period may be extended if you have a valid reason why you have not been able to provide the documentation within the time limit, for example if you have limited access to your BEACON portal. Please send us a copy of the deceased`s death certificate or other document. All documents provided must include the date and cause of death. At the bottom of the page, in the middle, you`ll see a button labeled “Claim an extra week” if you haven`t yet certified all available weeks up to the current date. (See example below.) When this button appears, click on it so that you can get the certification for the services for another week. The button will continue to appear until you have certified for all the last weeks available for your claim.

For individuals who started self-employment but have not been able to work, the proof includes, but is not limited to, the title or deeds of the workplace, the lease, business registration documents, state or federal employer identification numbers, and an accepted name certificate. NEW CERTIFIERS: If you have received a notification that your claim is due, check our schedule page before confirming. Each week, the day and hours of certification are staggered by Social Security Number (SSN). The day and time assigned to your SSN may change, so check the schedule page each week. You have 30 minutes to use the week-long services at your disposal. If you need more time to certify all your final weeks, check the weekly schedule for your next 30-minute slot. Unlike the proof of income requirement used to determine an applicant`s WBA, proof of employment documentation proving employment or self-employment does not have to cover the entire period during which a person worked. The “Proof of Employment” document must provide proof of employment or self-employment (or the expected start of employment or self-employment) at a specific time between the beginning of the previously completed taxation year and the date you submitted your APU application. Please note that even if you submitted the same documentation in response to the original measure element of the proof of income, you will need to upload the document back to your BEACON portal to meet both the “Proof of Employment” measure and the federal program requirements. This page applies ONLY to you if you are a Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (AUP) applicant and have received notice from us that you must submit the documents required by the AUP. You can find instructions in your eServices letter or message. Please send us at least one of these up-to-date documents: • A copy of your letter of offer.

• An explanation from someone who can review the job posting. • Other documents confirming the job offer. Some answers to certain questions delay payment. Check for which week you get certification – PUA claims are only valid for weeks prior to 4.9. Please use the certification question guidelines for weeks prior to 9/21/04 to get an appropriate response to avoid delaying your payment. If you do not complete this form within the allotted time and do not contact the call centre to request a new link, you will have to refund all benefits you have received for this right since December 27, 2020. If an applicant does not respond in a timely manner and/or does not provide sufficient documentation, eligibility will be verified. The applicant will be rejected and will have to repay all PUA benefits he or she received during the rejection period. In addition, it may be prosecuted if it is determined that the applicant misrepresented the facts in order to receive PUA benefits to which he was not entitled.

Please send us at least one of these up-to-date documents: • A copy of one or more pay stubs. One with a field for the current year is very useful.• A copy of one or more of your income and vacation statements.• Your W-2 form.• Other documents to prove your employment. Examples include your employer`s personal checks or IRS Form 1099. The Continuing Assistance Act, 2020 requires individuals who received Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (AUP) benefits on or after December 27, 2020 to provide proof of employment or self-employment or a valid offer to hold employment and proof of wages. While PUA applicants previously only had to provide proof of salary, this new federal requirement to provide proof of employment documentation is a fraud prevention measure. If it is determined that an applicant is receiving AUP benefits, they cannot be paid for a week ending after June 26, 2021, the end date of the Georgia AUP program. NEW CERTIFIERS: If you received notice this week that your claim is due, certify it within the allotted time (see #1, above). What documents constitute acceptable proof of employment and salary? If the department determines that the documents you submit are sufficient to prove your employment or self-employment (or the expected commencement of employment or self-employment), you continue to meet all eligibility requirements of the PUA program and the Maryland Unemployment Insurance Act, and submit weekly certificates of eligibility in a timely manner, you will continue to receive your PUA benefits as usual. Step 3: You will be redirected to the document upload page. Upload your document(s) proving proof of income or an official job offer. A) When NYS DOL notifies you via email, the message contains a link that you can click and that takes you to a specific web page where you can upload your documents with instructions and additional information. Applicants who do not have NY.gov accounts will receive a letter with instructions on how to fax or send their records to NYS DOL.

Please send us at least one of these up-to-date documents: • Your business license is dated from the time you need to start work. • Your state or federal employer identification number. • Written business plan. • A rental contract linked to the order. • A contract for employment. • Other documents confirming the work. Proof of self-employment includes, but is not limited to, the 2019 and 2020 IRS Form 1040 and a copy of Schedule C, Schedule F or schedule SE tax return, as applicable, the 2019 and 2020 state income tax return, 1099 documentation, state or federal employer identification numbers, business licenses, service contracts, corporate receipts/invoices, sales documents and invoices. **iPhone/Mac users – Please use Chrome, Firefox or Edge browsers to perform this process. Users have experienced difficulties in downloading the required documents through the Safari browser.** However, applicants may be entitled to a reconsideration of an APU application that was rejected due to extensive eligible grounds under the Continuing Assistance to Unemployed Workers Act, 2020 (Continued Assistance Act). PuA is only payable for weeks when a person is unemployed, partially unemployed, or unable or unavailable due to COVID-19. If an applicant did not initially meet the eligibility criteria in place at the time of the application, they can now request a reconsideration based on the provisions of the Continued Assistance Act. An applicant`s eligibility for a re-examination is based on the effective date of the initial APPLICATION for an APU.

A link to the Request for Reconsideration will only be placed in a candidate`s My User Interface portal if they may be eligible for a new exam.

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