Exceptional, Efficient, Results-Oriented Legal Representation

Our History

With no office, only a couple of clients and no money to speak of, Hastings Hanshaw and Collin Kennedy started Hanshaw Kennedy, LLP in Frisco, Texas in May of 2004. Undeterred by the challenges ahead of them, Mr. Hanshaw and Mr. Kennedy hit the ground running and quickly earned reputations for aggressive, results-oriented legal services. In short, they won. The word spread and Hanshaw Kennedy became the go-to litigation boutique for all manner of bet-the-business litigation matters in suburban North Texas. Eventually, the firm added a partner, John Hafen, so that it could continue to meet the diverse business needs of Collin County and the surrounding North Texas counties.

Today, Hanshaw Kennedy Hafen attorneys practice in Dallas, Collin, Denton, Tarrant and surrounding counties, as well as throughout the State of Texas. With six litigation attorneys and two family law attorneys, our firm is uniquely positioned to continue to tackle the legal needs for businesses and individuals within the communities we live and work.

20+ Years of Results and Satisfied Clients

Our mission and goal for every client is to provide exceptional, efficient, results-oriented legal representation. We know that there are many options for legal representation but we are the partner you can trust to get you results for what matters most.

Our Strategy

1. Consult

The most important step in any case is the initial consultation to collect the details regarding your matter, where we can discern expectations and strategically advise you how to best proceed.


Legal representation requires tactical thinking, hard work and devoted execution to the legal strategy.  This is where our attorneys excel as a trustworthy partner in your case.

3. WIN

We strive to make the final result reflective of your original goals. We are committed to protect what matters most to you and to achieving the most favorable outcome possible for you.

What Makes Us Different

We believe in results-oriented legal work that is wholly focused on the achievement of this strategy. Larger law firms sometimes lose their focus on the client and turn instead to measuring their own financial well-being by means of billable hours and firm lawyer’s individual productivity.

While we too are in business to make a profit, we believe that the natural byproduct of winning is a financially-healthy law firm.

If you want to learn more about the firm and our history, watch the video that gives a quick overview or how we got started and what we stand for today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the firm handle consultations?

At HKH, we can schedule in person, via zoom or telephone.  Our consultations are scheduled with an attorney in one hour increments.  We do charge a consultation fee based on the legal services you are requesting.  You can reach us via telephone to obtain additional information regarding our practice areas and consultation fees.

How do you manage retainers?

Our firm enters into retainer agreements with our clients for each matter that they are asking for counsel on.  The retainer agreement will outline the terms of our firm’s relationship with the client, including, retainer amount, hourly rates, billing schedule and firm policies related to document retention and scope of work.  Our firm policy is to begin work on a matter when we have received the retainer amount and the signed agreement from the client.  We generate invoices monthly for each matter that details the date, time keeper, time spent  and description of the legal services that were provided in the previous month.  We also include on the invoice any expenses that were paid up front on behalf of the client.  Retainer funds are then applied to the balance of the invoice and any amount remaining is immediately due to the firm.  Invoices are emailed to the client for each matter.  If the retainer balance drops below a certain amount, we may forward a request via email to add additional funds immediately.  Several other practice areas, including entity formations and estate planning, may be billed on a flat fee basis as agreed to by the firm and client.  Any contingency fee arrangement must be approved by the managing partner of the firm.

How do you handle information confidentiality?

HKH abides to the accordance with Texas law, that all communications between a lawyer and a potential client that may be made for the purpose of obtaining legal advice and are protected even if the attorney is not retained when the communication is made.  For example, when you communicate facts about your case with one of our attorneys during a consult, that information is protected under what is called the attorney-client privilege.  Keeping your attorney informed is essential to properly represent you in your matter and allow you the full benefit of the legal system. As a firm practice, our attorneys may disclosure to each other, or our employees, information relating to your matter, unless you have provided instructions otherwise.

Meet Our Attorneys

Hanshaw Kennedy Hafen, LLP has extensive experience across all industries. We bring each client a combination of deep industry knowledge and expert perspectives from other industries on the challenge at stake, to offer our clients fresh perspectives and breakthrough results.

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