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Many injuries sustained by workers in Texas are non-subscriber cases. That means that even though the employee was working at the time of the accident, he or she was not working for a company that carries workers’ comp insurance. 

Employers who opt out of the workers’ compensation system can be sued by injured workers. Not having workers’ comp insurance exposes the employer to a greater chance of losing the case because the non-subscriber status prevents the employer from utilizing important defenses in the case. This can result in large liability claims that will not be covered by insurance, increasing costs and putting your company at risk.

The attorneys at HKH have experience and success representing non-subscribing employers throughout Texas defending against work-related injury claims. If an injured employee files a personal injury lawsuit against your business, we will work closely with you to respond strategically and aggressively to resolve the matter.

If you’re a Texas business owner and face a non-subscriber injury claim, our lawyers will assist you in seeking a swift resolution, through litigation.  HKH has the necessary skills and experience to protect your business.

We provide business owners with a knowledgeable and assertive defense to non-subscriber claims. We are committed to obtaining the best outcome for you and your company.

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