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The concept of mediation is as old as humankind.  People have always sought the counsel or assistance of neutral third parties to help resolve arguments.  We do so to limit arguments, to gain perspective, and to hear what knowledgeable others may think about our plight, and our best course of action to resolve it.

As a legal tool over the last 30 years, mediation has gained great popularity as a dispute resolution tool because it has proven over and over again to usually be the last, best chance of resolution of one’s legal problems.  Mediation now plays a prominent role in most civil, business, and family law cases, and has contributed overwhelmingly to the oft-quoted statistic that “98% of all cases settle prior to trial.”  This is because mediation proves to be a ready means of obtaining financially prudent results without the many stresses of litigation and ultimately without the panic-inducing theater that is a trial in front of a jury.

Our team of Mediation Attorneys are all well versed in their respective fields of law, and also offer comprehensive mediation services for cases pending all across Texas.

Hastings Hanshaw offers mediation services in all civil and business litigation matters, including contract and fraud claims, partnership disputes general civil litigation and employment law.  With almost 20 years of civil and business litigation experience, both with larger firms and his own firm, Hastings understand the importance of mediation and the true benefits it can offer.

Let our expert mediation attorneys help you resolve cases without going to trial. We specialize in mediating:

  • Other serious debilitating injuries
  • Family disputes
  • Divorce and child custody matters
  • Employment or contract disputes
  • Most civil, business and family law cases
  • Other types of litigation

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