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If you know what the letters OSHA stand for, your business has probably been faced with responding to, or negotiating resolution of, a violation investigation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”).

OSHA was enacted by Congress in 1970 to assure safe and healthful working conditions for working men and women. Many businesses are not familiar with the standards related to their industry that OSHA enforces, nor the import of their obligations under these standards.

Should your company be faced with OSHA issues – whether a hazardous safety or health condition has been cited, or whether a serious injury or fatality has occurred on your job site, let the attorneys at HKH guide you through the procedural and legal intricacies of OSHA citations and compliance. We have assisted clients through various OSHA health and safety matters and have advised other clients on standards and compliance issues to protect their greatest asset, their business.

We have assisted many businesses through the testy OSHA violation waters when faced with catastrophic injuries or events on their job sites. From simple OSHA subpoena requests for information to full blown investigations, HKH can educate and guide you to protect your business now and in any future endeavors.

Our team of OSHA attorneys regularly deal in OSHA law and are often taking care of the following:

  • Representing employers during inspections, investigations, and enforcement actions by OSHA
  • Responding to, and managing, investigations of catastrophic industrial, construction, manufacturing, and other workplace accidents, including explosions, collapses, and chemical releases
  • Handling high-profile Occupational Safety and Health Act criminal referrals and prosecutions
  • Handling all aspects of OSHA litigation, including appeals of OSHA citations and the negotiation of settlements that minimize the impact of enforcement actions on wrongful death and injury cases
  • Defending employers against complaints of retaliation and whistleblowing violations filed with federal and state OSHA offices
  • Conducting workplace safety and health audits, injury, and illness record keeping audits, and safety and health training
  • Providing counseling on compliance with standards and regulations
  • Counseling employers on the development and implementation of safety and health programs and procedures
  • Representing employers and industry associations before OSHA rule making forums, including the preparation of written comments and testimony on behalf of employers and associations
  • Conducting safety and health due diligence for sales, mergers, and acquisitions

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