$14M Plaintiff Demand Results in $1.8M Win for the Defendant

About This Case

This case involved two former restaurant franchisee's feuding over territory and assets tied up in bankruptcy that resulted in a multi-year suit.
PracticeCommercial Litigation
Time Frame8 years
LawyerHastings Hanshaw

HKH represented Huge American Real Estate, the defendant, in this case after it had already gone from bankruptcy to pending litigation.  The plaintiff, Fritz Management, sued HKH and demanded over $4 Million in damages.  After years of working the case, HKH was able to build a compelling argument that resulted in not only zeroing out the plaintiff’s suit, but additionally securing a $1.8M victory for the defendant.  


This case was challenging because not only did HKH represent the defendant, the overall timeline was elongated  due to it being in pending litigation stemming from pending litigation.  

Our Process

1. Attack the Timeline

Since the case had already been in pending litigation for years before HKH took it over, the approach to the timeline was vital to getting up to speed on all the details to then move the case forward. 

2. History of Transactions

Years of transactions required extensive review to help build the narrative of the defense in the case. 

3. Solidify a Singular Story

A key part to the success of a jury trial is presenting a single fact that is easy to comprehend that clearly defines the injustice in the case.  HKH worked extensively to ensure that was defined before the jury trial began.  


After award of summary judgment by the Court and a jury trial, the result was a take no judgment on the plaintiff’s claims, and the defendant was awarded almost $1.8 Million.  A solid victory for the firm. 

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