Distant Child Custody Turns Into Fair Access for Both Parents

About This Case

This case involved a divorce where Mother had left DFW and moved to El Paso with the children, against Father’s wishes. Mother was permitted to stay in El Paso with the children per the Temporary Orders. HKH was hired by Father after the Temporary Orders hearing to get the children back to DFW.
PracticeFamily Law
Time Frame18 months
LawyerAlyssa Herrington

This case was unique because HKH was not involved from the beginning. The firm was hired after a Temporary Orders hearing had already taken place wherein the ruling was not favorable to the client. HKH took over the case and hit the ground running to help the client get a favorable ruling at final trial. The goal was to show the Court that the Father deserved to be actively involved in his children’s lives, which meant the parties had to live close to one another.


This case was challenging because when HKH took over, the case was already in a bad spot for the client. They had to figure out how to convince the Court to change its Temporary Orders ruling at final trial.

Our Process

1. Treating Each Case Uniquely

HKH works with each client to determine the facts and evidence of the case that are helpful and favorable to the client to present to the Court. The attorney made suggestions about a course of action for the case to determine what discovery processes might be helpful. In this particular case, it involved a child custody evaluation. 


This case resulted in Mother being ordered to return to the DFW area with the children, wherein Father got to spend time with his children on a regular basis.


Given the sensitive nature of Family Law cases, we do not provide a downloadable copy of the case verdict files.  

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