Child Support Litigation Involving A Rare Texas Family Code

About This Case

This case involved a child that had turned 18 and graduated high school. Mother was claiming that the child was disabled and filed suit to request indefinite child support. Father hired HKH to dispute Mother’s claim that the child was disabled, as the child was attending college at the time of the final trial.
PracticeFamily Law
Time Frame10 months
LawyerAlyssa Herrington

This case was unique, in that it involved an issue that is not often litigated: whether a child is disabled according to the Texas Family Code to the extent that a parent would be required to pay child support for their lifetime.


The challenging part of this case was that Mother had a medical doctor who was willing to testify that the child was disabled and required substantial care and personal supervision, as required under the Family Code to prove disability.  HKH had to combat that expert testimony and convince the Court not to agree with the medical doctor.

Our Process

1. Digging for Evidence

Alyssa worked with numerous medical professionals to determine what testimony would be important in this matter. She also worked with the client to determine what evidence would be helpful at the trial, such as hiring a private investigator and conducting written discovery, including Interrogatories and Request for Production. 

2. Trial Effectiveness

Alyssa counseled the clients on what evidence would be helpful and necessary at trial to ensure a successful result.


This case resulted in the Judge denying all of Mother’s requested relief, thereby affirming that the child was not disabled per the Texas Family Code and Mother was not entitled to indefinite child support.


Given the sensitive nature of Family Law cases, we do not provide a downloadable copy of the case verdict files.

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