Hired 1 Week Before ACA Trial Results in $10M Win

About This Case

This case involved a dispute over what health insurance companies should pay emergency room doctors who treat people out-of-network.
PracticeCommercial Litigation
Time Frame1 month
LawyerCollin Kennedy

This case had been pending for almost 3 years before HKH was hired a week before trial to help represent the plaintiff, Southeastern Emergency Physicians in a trial that lasted 3 weeks.  This case involved a dispute between HKH’s client and the insurance company, in this case Centene, over the amount that should be paid for emergency care performed based on a contract that was in place before the Affordable Care Act was passed.  


While HKH often gets hired to try cases to juries that have been previously handled by other law firms, the very brief timeframe with which to get familiar with the case was unprecedented.   HKH literally worked around the clock both before and during trial to create a winning strategy for the client.  Also, this was one of the first cases that went to a jury trial after the pandemic started.  As as result, there were many Covid protocols imposed by the Court that made it even more difficult to connect with the jury.    

Our Process

1. Warp Speed Discovery

Because HKH was hired 1 week before trial, it required an almost impossible timeline to get up to speed and create an effective presentation for the jury.   

2. Leveraging the Facts

HKH found key documents that showed that Centene knew they had a contract with HKH’s client and tried to bury that fact. 


This case resulted in the jury awarding HKH’s client every penny it asked for and judgement was entered for over $10 million.  

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